Research and Development

The results of the analyzes that have been performed have shown that the voice changes into significant parameters for different pathologies and transient states.


VoiceWise measurement and voice analysis opens up the field to low-cost, broad-spectrum health screenings.

A brief introduction

The Idea

Thanks to the research activity of the Hiteg group of Tor Vergata, we will soon see low-cost, non-invasive diagnostic products, with no health risk for the patient, which will allow prevention through a simple “measurement” of the user’s vocal parameters and their deviation from those considered standard for him or the population.

To achieve this, the most modern ICT technologies (artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, signal processing, cloud system, security, anonymization and privacy) will be used, together with the design of microelectronic sensors, to create user friendly products that respect standards security and privacy necessary for a product designed for widespread use and use in health and non-health facilities.

The product roadmap

The Project

The company Cloudwise, which deals with cloud computing and applications in the social and health fields (senior citizens, the disabled, penitentiaries, etc.), considered the enormous potential of these studies and decided to invest in this technology developed by the University of Rome Tor Vergata and created VoiceWise.

VoiceWise is a start-up that develops vertical products (hardware and software) based on the analysis of the voice for the prevention or diagnosis of diseases in public and private health, but also for schools, sports bodies, public order issues (use of alcohol, drugs etc.) or in the penitentiary system (for broad-spectrum and low-cost health analysis) as well as for sports (sports teams, competitions, sports medicine, anti-doping), in school, in wellness (gyms, wellness centers, etc. .).

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