Thanks to the analysis of the voice we can identify and prevent some diseases in advance compared to traditional diagnostics.

VoiceWise analyzes voice samples with powerful signal processing algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Cloud Intelligence

Your voice contains important information for your health. VoiceWise detects the anomalies that require your attention.

Predictive prevention and diagnostics

Diagnostics and prevention

Your voice says a lot about you. VoiceWise performs diagnostics based on the acquisition and analysis of vocal samples through innovative vertical solutions.

Analyze your voice in the cloud

Thanks to a hybrid cloud platform we analyze thousands of voice parameters with artificial intelligence techniques, machine learning and big data analysis.

Early and predictive diagnostics

VoiceWise is able to make early remote diagnosis, with economic and non-invasive techniques, with promising results in many key areas.

Reference markets

Voice diagnostics demonstrated effectiveness and enormous potential for expansion in several application sectors.

Healthcare sector

Early diagnosis and prevention of numerous diseases and degenerative diseases, monitoring of therapies, preliminary pediatric visits.


Analysis of health parameters and anti-doping systems.


Leisure centers, SPAs and wellness centers.


Penitentiary epidemiology, health monitoring in immigration centers, road safety.

You can visit a partner clinic or perform the test at home with our VoiceWise EU devices.

How to make the diagnosis

VoiceWise markets solutions for hospitals, clinics, sports centers, schools and end users, being able to meet the demands of a growing number of early diagnostic sectors.

500 clinic tests

Analyzed voices

6.300 vocal parameters

The voice says a lot about us

8 collaborators

Professionals and researchers involved

2020 Year

Innovative research

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