On 30 October 2020 Voicewise participates in the conference organized by the Artificial Intelligence Observatory of ANSA.
The topics covered are many and concern “the revolution underway, from work to health care”.
Artificial intelligence (AI) must develop with ethics at the center, to ensure that the society of the future – the post-digital one – also reflects our values ​​of justice, equity and sustainability.

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize every sector of human activity and help shape our society. Therefore – the experts point out – the development of this technology must be guided by ethics. Because without ethics – explains the president of ANSA Giulio Anselmi – “it is difficult to make a revolution that brings good and progress to everyone”.

The meeting took place digitally with the participation of innovative companies in the medical-health sector that also find application in the fight against the pandemic. AI can help doctors diagnose not only Parkinson’s but also coronavirus by only analyzing patients’ voices.

Research in technological innovation as an opportunity to improve the quality of life and competitiveness.